Dec 18

Unison League Hack & Cheats (Unlimited Gems, Gold and Proficiency)

Want to own SR and SSR gear pieces that you can reforge to UR? Or unlock master and advanced classes including General, Archdragoon, Marksman, Wizard and Oracle for your character? Then the Unison League hack will certainly help you out as it will give you access to unlimited gems, gold and proficiency that you can use to acquire UR (Ultra Rare) monsters, weapons, and equipment gears to increase your stats and raise your total Gear Score (includes ATK, MATAK, DEF and MDEF stats). This cheat works for Unison League supported game devices running on Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch).

Gems are used to spawn Gears and Augmentation Mats. Gears are the weapons, monsters, helms and armors that you can equip in game. These items boost your stats and can also add bonus traits, skills and abilities. Gems are also used to activate Boosts, recover AP (complete AP recovery), expand Inventory,expand Gear Locker, Name Change, Quest Keys, Cosmetic Encyclopedia Keyand reset Gear Cost (Scroll of Insight). Obtain powerful SR and SSR Gears from Gem Spawns. Note that you need to level up your character (or do quests) to increase your Cost Points to be able to equip more powerful Gears. Getting SR,SSR and even UR Gears are easy with the use of “Unison League hack”.

Gold is used to Augment and Reforge gears. Augmenting gears make it stronger. It level ups the gear and boosts its stats. Some gear can be Reforged into a stronger version once it’s hit its maximum level. Reforging Gear changes its appearance and increases its rarity and power. Materials are needed to Reforge Gear. The higher the tier and rarity of your gear is (e.g. Reforge or evolve SSR to UR), the more special the materials are needed. Use gold to increase your strength through Augment and Reforge Gear. Equip Sub Gear to raise your gear score ratings. You can also use the Gold to increase your Guild’s level.

Proficiency is needed to learn new skills and abilities of you chosen class. Initial classes include Soldier, Lancer, Archer, Mage and Cleric. Learn new abilities when you have the required Proficiency to become a more effective fighter. Customize your Ability Bar with the abilities you have unlocked. Initial classes can be leveled up and grow into high tiered normal class to advanced class by unlocking all the available abilities in each class. Unlock all the Advanced Classes using the “Unison League cheats”. Below is a diagram that shows the class tiers.

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Dec 18

Fantasy War Tactics Hack & Cheats (Unlimited Crystals)

Learn how you can cheat Fantasy War Tactics using this hack for Android, iPhone, iPad and iOS, so you can enable God Mode, Low Enemy HP and 100% Enhance Success chance. You can also apply this cheats to get unlimited Crystals, Gold, Mana Stones and Ancient Coins that you can use to build the perfect and best line-up of heroes.  No root or jailbreak is needed, just apply this working mod to patch your Fantasy War Tactics game and top the rankings in the Battle of Honor and Dimensional Breakthrough.

In this Fantasy War Tactics guide, you will learn how to hack and cheat the game so you can complete your lineup and acquire unique and legendary equipment and set items. Crystals (or gems) can be used to refill energy, refresh Victory Counts, purchase Gold, revive characters, complete Expedition immediately, increase Expedition level,  obtain Mana Stone from the Laboratory, get 1-star to 5-star equipment, unlock new costumes, obtain Lord Mastery points and more. In short, Crystals are the most important resource in-game, thus with the help of this tutorial, you will know how to have unlimited Crystals for Fantasy War Tactics.

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Dec 18

Mobile Strike Hack & Cheats (Unlimited Gold)

Acquire special items which include becoming a VIP, Commander XP, Food, Oil, Stones, Iron, Coins, Training Ammo, Speed Ups, Peace Shield, Anti-Scout, Attack Boosts, Crates and more bonuses! Use the Mobile Strike hack for Android, iPhone, iPad and iOS to have infinite Gold. Use the cheats to get unlimited Gold to boost your Power ratings, expand your base, and make your Commander more powerful than before. For the detailed instructions on hacking and cheating Mobile Strike, read the guide below.

In playing Mobile Strike, the most important resource that you can have is Gold. Gold is use to purchase premium items in the Store. It can also be used to acquire VIP and reap its benefits. (See Mobile Strike Game Guide below for the list of VIP benefits.) Normally, Gold can be given by Facebook friends or Alliance members or earned by completing various Missions, Challenges, and Special Offers. Gold can also be earned through purchasing bundles or making IAP (In App Purchases).  An easier way to get more Gold is by using this Mobile Strike hack and cheats to patch and mod your game so you can have access to unlimited Gold.

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Dec 18

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Hack & Cheats (Unlimited Crystals)

Hacking Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes game is as easy as counting one, two and three with the help of the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Trainer that is fully working for Android and iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch. All you need to do is use the trainer to patch and mod your game to have unlimited Crystals and Credits, so you can acquire premium rare 1-star to 4-star characters and unlock more powerful characters from the Light and Dark Side Battles as well as Arena and Cantina Shipments like Cad Bane, Grand Moff Tarkin, Kit Fisto, Resistance Pilot, Darth Maul, Lando Calrissian, First Order TIE Pilot, Princess Leia, Aayla Secura, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, and more.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes hack and cheats also include in-game exploits that you can enable like the God Mode (your characters have infinite Health), 1-Hit K.O. (Low Enemy HP), and No Skill Cooldown (your characters’ Special Skills do not have cool down time/recharge time). No root or jailbreak is needed, just use these Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes’ cheats to easily complete the Light Side Battles and Dark Side Battles (including Hard Mode with 3-Star Victory), Challenges, Squad Cantina Battles, Events, and get top rank on Squad Arena and Galactic War.

In this guide, we will be showing you how you can easily hack and cheat Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes game, so you can have unlimited Crystals and Credits.  Crystals are used to purchase Data Cards, Energy refreshes, Shipment items, and to reset cooldown timers. Normally it is acquired through completing Battles and Achievements. Using Crystals, you can purchase Energy (including Sim Tickets) that is needed for battles and do missions where you can earn Gears and XP to level up. Credits are required to upgrade your character’s level, abilities and star count.

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Dec 18

Minimon Masters Hack & Cheats (Unlimited Crystals)

Summon premium 5-star or 6-star characters, max level them up and evolve into Mutant form using the Minimon Masters hack for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iOS. Use the cheats to get unlimited Crystals, Gold, Holy Water, Scales, and more!

Learn how to cheat Minimon Masters using the hack for Android, iPhone, iPad and iOS and have unlimited crystals that you can use to summon rare and legendary heroes and gears. By using these hack, you can build your perfect team with powerful combos and Heroes’ synergy for the Arena (PvP). You will also learn how you can enable the God Mode (all your characters have infinite HP/Health), Massive Damage Hack (do tons and tons of multiplied damage), No Cooldown Skills (your Heroes’ Special Skills do not have cooldown time), Idle Enemies (all enemy monsters including Bosses does not attack) and 100% Upgrade Success Rate (upgrading or enhancing gears are always set to 100% success). No root or jailbreak is needed, you can just use these Minimon Masters cheats to dominate the Arena, Tower of Heroes, Raid Festival and Minimon Battles and easily complete the Envoy’s Story (where you can enjoy the story of the Minimon Masters’ main character, Lucky).

You can watch the video below to see the unlimited Crystals, God Mode and Massive Damage hack for Minimon Masters in action.

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Dec 18

Kill Shot Bravo Hack & Cheats (Unlimited Gold, Bucks and Medals)

Use the Kill Shot Bravo hack to have unlimited Gold, Bucks/Cash and Medals. Apply the cheats to enable infinite Ammo, Energy, Auto-Spotter, Slow-Mo and Armor Piercing Bullets. Unlock new powerful weapons including Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles, Shotguns and Machine Guns, and gears in different categories, from Head, Uniforms, Body Gear, Gloves, Pads and Boots. This Kill Shot Bravo hack and cheats works on Android and iOS supported devices including iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch.

Ever want to early unlock powerful weapons such as the Verrill Mk. 8, Archer Hotshot and Zedler Bullseye for Sniper Rifles or featured weapons like the Midas Baron shotgun? Or just want to max upgrade (full upgrade) your current weapon from Ammo, Grip, Sights, Barrel, Muzzle, Mag Size, Thermal and Silencer (for Sniper Rifles)? Then the Kill Shot Bravo hack will certainly help you, as it will give you access to unlimited Gold, Bucks, and Medals that you can use to increase your Firepower, Total Gear Rating, and unlock Perks for your character.

Optionally, by using the Kill Shot Bravo hack you can enable exploits and mods in game including the unlimited Ammo, Energy, Auto-Spotter, Slow-Mo and Armor Piercing Bullets. You can watch the video below to see the unlimited Ammo cheat in action.

Dec 18

Monster Castle Hack & Cheats (Unlimited Crystals, Bloodstones and Hero Shards)

Unlock epic heroes like Undead Pharaoh, Lava Lord, Yeti, Ghost Samurai and Rudolph! Use the Monster Castle hack to get unlimited Crystals, Bloodstones and Hero Shards for Android, iPhone, iPad and iOS. Use the cheats to level up and evolve your heroes and learn new passive skills.

Monster Castle hack also features extra cheats in game that you can enable. These cheats include unlimited Magic Spell, 1-Hit Kill, disable replays and remove troop capacity limit. These additional mods are best explained on the Monster Castle Trainer features.

You can watch the video below to see the unlimited Magic Spell and 1-hit Kill (1-hit K.O.) in action.

Farming for Bloodstones and Hero Shards in Monster Castle takes too long. Bloodstone is an important resource used to evolve and unlock heroes’ skills. Hero Shards is used to acquire more heroes. The rarer the hero, the more Hero Shards is needed. Both Bloodstones and Hero Shards are quite hard to farm. Good thing is that, this Monster Castle hack will give you unlimited Bloodstones and Hero Shards, and even Crystals. This cheat will help you get the hero that you want (best heroes to unlock are epic heroes), max level and evolve it, as well as learn new skills.

The Crystals will help you level up your throne fast, and get the resources that you need to upgrade your buildings and set up your attack and defense units. More additional information regarding the resources on Monster Castle is described below.

Monster Castle Resources:

Gold is commonly used for upgrading defense structures. Gold mines yield gold, or you can plunder gold from rival castles.

Wine is commonly used for producing or upgrading troops. Wineries yield wine, or you can plunder wine from rival castles.

Hero Shards are used for merging heroes. You are able to earn hero shards through the Portal and campaign stages.

Bloodstones are a kind of precious resource, which can be obtained from battle victory.

Magic Crystals are used for speeding up upgrades or purchase other resources including getting hero, additional workers, stamina and shield.

Skill Books are used for learning advanced skills. The better the skill, the greater the quality of the skill book required. Earn skill books from “Portal” and “Sam’s Treasure”

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